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Joint Venture Opportunities

We pride to offer opportunities for investors to maximize returns through join ventures in residential investments

Private Lenders

We provide our private lenders with security for each loan by offering an interest in a property.

Buy My House!

We buy houses in any condition. No realtor or bank fees means more money in your pocket!


About My Company

REthink Investments is a real estate investing group with extensive focus on building relationships and helping people achieve long-term wealth through real estate. 

Our goal is to provide outstanding results for our investors. A lot of education, effort, and dedication has been put into building and maintaining a great reputation in the real estate industry with this goal in mind.  We are unique in that we invest in our relationships first and the property second. We strive to create win-win deals for all.

We have experience investing in GTHA, Durham and Peterborough regions.



Upcoming Changes to CMHC

When purchasing a home, first time home buyers have a lot of requirements to worry about. Qualifying for mortgage default insurance wasn’t quite one of them.

Investing in Multi-Family Properties

Every once in awhile, we all take some time to stop and think about the best investment strategies to secure our financial future. My favourite continues to be real estate.

House Prices In Toronto

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