Areas of Focus

We leverage the talent, knowledge, education and experience of our teams, networks and Joint venturers to continue to grow as a real estate investment company. 


We are growing into an exciting specialty! We are buying residential properties from sellers who need to sell fast, are in a distressed situation, or have properties that have fallen into disrepair. We help our sellers by offering fair cash offers and a quick closing.

Fix and Flips

We focus on acquiring residential properties in different stages (from slightly outdated to distressed), fix them up and sell them for a profit. Our relationships with specialized contractors and knowledgeable realtors allow us to bring value to the property and neighborhood overall. No more eyesores in the neighborhood!

Multi-family properties

Our bread and butter! This is the core of our specialty and what we have grown to love from day 1. By running analyses and different scenarios, we carefully select cash flowing properties, find A+++ tenants and ensure the properties are kept in tip-top shape. Our relationship with our tenants and network is key to our long term success.