To provide outstanding results for my investors. Leverage my network, education, conscious effort and dedication to maintain a great reputation in the real estate industry.

Teresa Almeida

I started the journey of real estate investing in 2005 after years of landlording in the duplex where I reside. 

For years I concentrated on investing in long-term multi-family properties. After having a taste of flips, I now also enjoy the rewards of transforming a distressed property into a beautiful home while enhancing the value of the neighborhood overall. 

Currently at 11 doors, my main interests are the regions of Hamilton, Toronto, Durham and Peterborough. 

My father and my boys are the force that keep me going. When I am not working on deals, I enjoy spending time with them (live or virtual). You may also find me dreaming of my next travel destination (hint: it involves snorkeling!).


To inspire a positive lasting impact by connecting people to real estate solutions that offer long-term wealth.

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